Ian Herrick

771 North River Rd
Studio in back
Coventry, CT 06238

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 25, 26 & Dec. 2, 3

 I graduated with a BFA from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA near Boston. I've been fortunate to be able able to make a living from my art since 1996, primarily as an illustrator and graphic designer. Commercial logo designs and textile separations for printing, large mural commissions, poster creation, editorial illustration, storyboards for advertising agencies and production companies, even guitars and furniture renderings have helped pay the bills. Just as important, they have broadened my experience and kept me sharp.

 Pencil, charcoal, oil and acrylic portraits have become a specialty over the last decade. Capturing the essence of children, family members and pets brings me as much joy as the recipients of these unique gifts. I've also been broadening my skills in other mediums like gouache and water colors.

I currently reside in Coventry, CT with my beautiful wife, son and quirky dog. My daughter, son-in-law and 2 beautiful granddaughters live close by and are the reason we settled in Coventry when we moved across the country. I'm happiest when I'm creating, with my family or, ideally Both!




Artist Statement:
Art is a necessary outlet for me. A must. I find that I have gravitated back to graphite and charcoal pencil drawing my entire life. Whether as a final piece or a sketch for color work, a beautiful, soft pencil in my hand feels natural. I find it important, however to juggle mediums, both to stay versatile as well as to employ a bit more range in my arsenal to tackle each different subject. Be it oils, acrylics, pencil, or a simple ballpoint pen, each has its worth and unique effect. Though I often illustrate and work from my imagination, I'm equally inspired by representational art and working from life.
In sketching, I always keep a light touch dancing across the page to get a rough idea down; "the bones." Only then can darker marks help to reveal the details of what I'm drawing. This is true both for imaginative illustration as well as from life, for drawing as well as painting. I tend to jump between mediums. The challenge keeps me on my toes and feeling fresh. I always do at least 1 study for larger painting projects. I'll do a charcoal sketch familiarizing myself with the structure and values. Then I'll paint a small color study to make sure my values and hues are where I like them. Regardless of whether my piece is from my imagination or from life, each medium always reveals unforeseen beauty. I absolutely love how this process unfolds. I was born an Artist.

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