Artists Open Studio Dates:

November 30, December 1 & December 7, 8
Artist will be demonstrating

For years the artist has refinished furniture. Throughout those years, he has developed a fascination with antique and vintage chairs and tables. About two years ago, he embarked on a journey to find unique chairs and tables; refinishing and remaking each with a more modern eclectic flair.  Most of these pieces were in desperately poor condition.  These were pieces that one would be more likely to put in a dumpster than in a home. He has taken these furniture orphans and transformed them, giving them a total structural makeover. Next, they have been painted with a modern base color. The seats are upholstered in high quality, brightly colored fabric which coordinates with the base color.  Finally the chair or table's natural details have been hand painted to create the piece of furniture worthy of making its home in your home. These are true focal points.

More recently he has branched out into re-purposing other items as well, such as magazine racks and wall shelves to mention a few. He is always on the look out for interesting items that can be re done in a way that will create beauty and originallity into these one of a kind pieces. All of his works are creations that one will never find in a big box store. 

He also does custom work.  If you have a piece that you would like remade or re-purposed, you can choose the look and he will do the rest. There is nothing quite like having something that no one else has. Something that has been created  just for you. He also has a sizeable inventory of original pieces from which to choose. 

Visit his website at to see the items or come and see them in person. Visitors are always welcome at New Life Chairs. Just give a call at 860 928 9545 or 860 377 9568  or


Artist Statement:
For many years I have made and refinished furniture. About 4-5 years ago I thought, it would be fun to to upcycle/repurpose furniture as well. As it has turned out, it is indeed a great deal of fun. I have done many pieces for myself but it is most satisfying doing custom pieces for others. My work has moved in the direction, where the largest percentage of my work is custom. Customers bring pieces that have been in their cellars; barns; or attics for years. Many items they find " along the side of the road". The owners want to change these pieces into something that they will be proud and happy to place in their homes.The condition is unimportant, as virtually any piece can be upcycled. Some individuals come with specific ideas. Others want me to create something they will love.
The ideas come from everywhere. I can be at a flea market and see something that stimulates an idea. The internet is filled ideas or combinations of ideas that can be combined.
I love the challenge of restoring hopeless pieces in preparation for upcycling.I have changed a panel door into a corner shelf; a bath vanity from a 4 draw chest; replaced a rotted bottom of a medicine cabinet into a draw to restore.
My new 800 square foot workshop is open to welcome visitors all year.There is always something new happening. Visitors are always welcome to visit and bring their own pieces they would like made new.

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