Lynn Kask

Artists Open Studio Dates:

November 29, 30, December 1 & December 7, 8
Artist Statement:
I use my Bauhaus style training in interior design to explore volume, scale, size, geometry, texture and space. I create one of a kind, metal objects or jewelry that go beyond the standard piece to create wearable art or sculptural objects.  I especially admire the traditions of handcrafted pieces so I express that tradition in my work in the design of connections and findings. The materials I use become very important and I use the natural organic qualities of metal and stone to guide me in my design process.

Also inspired through my interior design esthetic is the love of a beautiful objects and finding the way to present them to their advantage. I also like to use objects that perhaps are not considered beautiful but by changing their context and looking at them in a new and different way transforms them into beautiful art pieces.  In the same context, I also use ideas and emotions that do not naturally translate to jewelry as motivation in my design process.

My greatest satisfaction however is seeing my jewelry admired, worn and enjoyed and I hope you will also enjoy looking at, or wearing my work.

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