Robin Ritz

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 25, 26, 27 & Dec. 3, 4
Artist will be demonstrating

Robin Ritz has always felt at home in Nature and draws her inspiration from the Natural World around her. She has eyes that see the tiniest of details and is lead by her Heart when assembling her creations. Common subjects are mystical landscapes, mermaids, turtles, flowers and fairy. Often using feathers or butterfly wings to add depth and texture to her pieces, each piece incorporates elements of magic and mysticism. Her hope is to draw the viewers attention to the beauty that naturally occurs around us and to evoke a sense of responsibility to help protect our fragile environment. 

Artist Statement:
Nature's resilience, multifaceted dimensions and subtle beauty inspires my artwork. Each creation is unique and magical, beckoning you to explore the Worlds around you for the True Nature of Beauty. My whimsical art invites the viewer to consider different perspectives and material relationships and to question the way you view the things that surround us. Like a Raven,

I can’t resist anything that shines or sparkles, often finding treasures on my journeys that call to my Creative Spirit. I use rocks, shells, glass, beads and bits of ephemera combined with glass, paper and other materials that would normally be thrown away. I invite you to explore my workshop and gallery and see what kind of inspiration finds you!

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