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November 23, 24, 25 & December 1, 2
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Aline Hoffman

Maple Brook Studio

950 Main St.
Coventry, CT 06238

(860) 916-4232



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Pyrography: Wood Burning: Drawing with Fire

Hoffman has delighted in the art of pyrography since discovering this medium in March 2014.

Since childhood she held onto the dream of becoming a full-time artist but until March 2015, that was not to be.  When Aline became clear about this decision she removed the letters from her sidewalk sign, “Hypnosis for Health” and laughed as they crumbled in her fingers.  She knew, indeed, she had made the right decision.

Pyrography: Drawing with Fire: the art of burning designs into wood or other materials.  Hoffman’s choice for now, at least, is burning into wood.  After much research the artist purchased a Razortip SS-D10 machine. The first few pieces were somewhat tentative, mostly line drawings.  As she gained confidence with this new medium, her work became more detailed.  As you look through her pieces, you can see how the work is evolving.  Most recently, Hoffman has been working on her Underwater Series.

Hoffman’s Art:

For much of her life, Aline has worked in realistic styles employing a variety of media including pencil, pen & ink, oils, and most recently, pyrography.  She has studied and explored other approaches as well, each strengthening the foundations of her talent.  Hoffman seems to master each style and medium she has explored.  The styles you will find at Hoffman's studio also include Abstract Expressionsim, Chinese Brush Painting, stone and metal scultures, and her Birch Series painted on textured papers.


Hoffman welcomes you to Maple Brook Studio.

Many of Hoffman's pieces are in private collections all around the country.

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November 24, 25, 26 & December 2, 3