Registration Instructions Checklist


BEFORE YOU BEGIN: have your Tour Guide (aka brochure) description (3rd person 25 word max) and your artist’s statement (1st person 150 word max) written.

Click on AOS MEMBERSHIP in the Main Menu for the pull down menu: choose second option: Register:

Returning Participants: Sign in with email address and password.   Forgotten password: email Aline at

New Participants: Enter your email address.
    Step 1: Create a Password (minimum of 6 characters). Step 2: Confirm Password.

Save every few minutes - scroll to bottom - otherwise you’ll lose everything at the end of 20 minutes.

PAGE 1: (Red star * = required for registration process)
Website (if you have one)
If you are demonstrating check this box.
Enter studio name if you have one.
Street Address (where you are showing if not the same as where you live.)
Handicap accessible: Check the box IF your space applies, otherwise leave it blank.

create a square jpg (MUST BE NO LESS THAN 400 PIXELS SQUARE)
Name it Last name_First name_2022.jpg
upload your image: IF IMAGE IS NOT ACCEPTED - IT IS TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL. [Max: 600 pixels square)

Brochure Description (3rd person/max: 25 words).
Artist’s Statement: for website - A statement of how and why you create: where your ideas come from, how you execute your ideas, where you work (i.e.: plein air, in your living room, your studio, your dining room…), do you work from photographs (your own, other sources), what materials do you use, how do you physically create your work, what the public will be seeing in your space.


PAGE 2: Select categories:
Be sure to check the ‘parent’ category along with subcategories. Ex: If you paint in oils (subcategory) choose that as well as “Painting” as the parent category.

PAGE 3: Select Dates:
Choose your dates.
If choosing a group, be certain to have the group leader’s permission.
If in a group, check Show In Group and then select your group.
If you are starting a new group, contact me BEFORE you start the registration process so that I can put it in.

PAGE 4: Read disclaimer and click on payment option: by check or PayPal.


Next step: EDIT your profile: (again, save changes within 20 minutes)

DO NOT edit your brochure description or your brochure image after August 31st.
Feel free to edit your artist’s statement at any time during the year.
Be sure to add your biography: (3rd Person) - also can be edited all year long.
Add your social media links.

DO NOT edit your brochure description or your brochure image after May 31st.

Add up to 20 images for this website. Feel free to change these at any time during the year. Be sure to add labels: consider title, medium, size, price….

If you are unable to upload your image:
Make sure it is a jpg.
Make sure it is no smaller that 400 pixels square.
Mare sure it is no larger that 600 pixels square.
IF you are still having trouble, email your image to me at and I’ll see what I can do.

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