Registration Instructions Checklist

Registration is closed for the 2021 tour. 

  1. Member Registration (returning & new participants)
    • Brochure description (3rd person - 25 words max)
    • Artist's Statement (1st person - 250 words max)
    • Demonstrating box to be checked
    • Upload brochure image (square)
    • Choose your dates
    • Choose your group (optional - must have leader's permission)
    • Read disclaimer
    • Register - Choose your payment option
  2. Member Log In
    • Address where you are showing 
    • Add website/social media links
    • Check handicap accessible if applicable
    • Google map link (ask me to do it if you don't know how)
    • Artist's bio (3rd person)
    • Choose your categories
    • Add 5 (min) - 20 (max) images for website: include a caption (limited to 150 characters) for each: title, medium, size, price, etc. 
    • You are done (unless you have to mail the check)

See details of this process below:

Member Registration

Save your work: 20-minute limit. "Submit" at the bottom – 2-minute warning = page turns pink

For written fields: work on a word document. Then: copy & paste: Do not use shortcuts

* = Required

  • * Returning Artists (is all your information is correct?)
    ___ Enter your email address and Password (email Aline at if you forgot)
  • * New Artists:
    ___ Enter your email address.
    ___ Create a Password (minimum of 6 characters). Step 2: Confirm Password.
  • * Brochure Description - Written in 3rd person. Absolute maximum = 25 words
  • * Artist's Statement
    ___ Max. of 250 words written in the 1st person: (differs from brochure description and web bio): A statement of how and why you create: where your ideas come from, how you execute your ideas, where you work (i.e.: Plein air, in your living room, your studio, your dining room...), do you work from photographs (your own, other sources), what materials do you use, how do you physically create your work, what the public will be seeing in your space.
  • (optional) Check the box if you will be demonstrating how you do your work.
  • * Image: Square format: NOTE: We recommend that you replace this image to give customers something new to look forward to.
  • * Choose your dates.
  • (optional) Join a group: (you must have permission to participate from the group manager listed on the website)
  • * Read the disclaimer. By initialing this you are agreeing to all AOS standards.
  • * Choose payment option: (Check or PayPal.)
  • * Register & Pay Now (amount to be paid and address where to send check shows up here)

* Edit Your Profile - New & Returning Artists:

  • * Address: where you are showing, not where you live if that is different.
  • Your website or FB page must be correctly written with prefix: http://www.
  • Social media: Open [FB] page; double-click on the browser search window. Copy & paste.
  • Handicap Accessible: check if appropriate.
  • Google Map link: Type your address on, click share, copy & paste to create the link.
  • To embed a video, click on WHAT'S THIS for instructions.
  • * Website Information
    ___ ARTIST BIO: 3rd person information about you. Be creative. No word limit.
    ___ CATEGORIES: Check as many as appropriate.
    ___ IMAGES: 5 (min) – 20 (max) showing the public what you will be showing.

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