Sue Peyton

Artists Open Studio Dates:

November 26, 27, 28 & December 4, 5
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Studio is open throughout the year by appointment. If you would like to come visit please email us at to set up a time or checkout our website to see if there are any open studio days scheduled.

Sue got started on her fiber journey because of her love of animals, and she found that she loves playing with their fiber almost as much as she enjoys caring for them. She particularly loves experimenting with color, using both natural and synthetic dyes. She grows plants specifically for dyeing some of the fiber she uses in her work as well as finished items.

Sue’s love of color came from her mom, who has been working with textiles from a young age. Growing up surrounded by creativity, it was inevitable that she would start with spinning and end up venturing into other areas of the fiber arts. Knowing that the wool comes from her own animals makes it even more satisfying to create items that others can enjoy.








Artist Statement:
My fiber arts journey began with a fondness for animals. When I came to a place where I could handle caring for some outside animals, I brought Angora goats into my life and learned to spin their lovely mohair. Spinning led to knitting and weaving, and soon I added merino sheep to my flock.
From my hand spun yarn I create scarves and hats that you won’t find anywhere else. I also weave with my yarn to make unique tote bags and other items. Having control over every step of the process, from how the fibers are dyed to how the yarn is spun, allows me to create items that are truly one of a kind.
I love to learn new things, so in the past few years I have added wet felting to my fiber arts activities and truly enjoy making items using just wool, soap and water.
My love for my animals and for color is really the foundation of what I do. I love the smell of the wool straight from the animal, and nothing makes me more excited than taking that wool out of the dye pot to see my results. I love creating beautiful color combinations when dyeing, and offer my fiber for sale to other fiber artists so they can enjoy it as well.

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