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Dec. 2, 3

A little bit of my art journey...

As a child I was always busy with my hands and carried a little red sewing box with me everywhere I went. I loved making Barbie clothes and doing their hair. But one day I got into BIG trouble!

I was very young, I went into our linen cabinet. I took a bar of soap, unwrapped it and started to carve a flower. ( I must have grabbed a knife as well) You see, my grandmother was an artist and kept a beautiful home. She had lovely flower shaped soaps, beaded curtains and very pretty things.

I was so proud and went to show my mom. Apperently we were poor and I got in big trouble! I "wasted" a perfectly good bar of soap, I was traumatized. This stuck very deeply and I feared of ever "wasting" again. The good side is it turned into a very creative art form of upcycling and art!

In my first career I was a bridal/prom hairstylist as well as making headpieces and jewelry. I was "discovered" at a trade show. Eventually my skills saw me on stage performing hairstyles on live models, published in numerous hair and bridal magazines and the author of two industry books.   

Alongside my beauty career and raising my girls with my wonderful husband, I always found time to create! 

Today, I split my energies between my studio work, being a social media influencer and rehabbing old houses. 

Creativity is an obsession, a passion and legacy!

I know you will find a wonderful item for yourself or to give as a gift! 

Please visit my studio located in the 1930's Grange Hall, historic district of Chaplin, CT at 350 Phoenixville Rd on route 198!

I hope to meet you very soon! 

Artist Statement:
Why upcycled smalls?

Repurposing "smalls" is my passion! Smalls, is an interior design trade term for decorative items. I love to reimagine discarded or unused items into something new, useful and fun!

Let's keep things out of the landfill! A chair back can become a jewelry holder! Old housing materials can become an art piece! An music cabinet lives on as a drinks bar...

Be it an original art piece or a suitcase cat bed, I know you will find something fun at my studio for your gallery walls and home. I have pricing for every budget and a gift for every taste!

For my intuitive style of abstract painting I rely on my gut, as well as my color theory training from my cosmetology career. Gorgeous textures, color layering and maybe a little glitter.....makes its way into my abstract art ;)

It is my hope that some old wood, abandoned canvases, thrifted pieces and yard sale 'smalls" will find a new home in yours or make that perfect gift for someone special in your life!

Thanks for being curious about my work and I hope to meet you soon!
Be sure to watch my video below! Gretchen Maurer

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