Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 25, 26, 27 & Dec. 3, 4

A little bit of my art journey...

As a child I was always busy with my hands and carried a little red sewing box with me everywhere I went. I loved making Barbie clothes and doing their hair. 

"Gretchen, if you keep bringing home C's on your report card you'll end up a hairdresser!"....a mothers words mean well, but these were prophetic! 

Quickly, swimming and diving became the center of my universe and art took a back seat. Though springboard diving is very much a performance!  I did one year of college but those C's became D's and I switched into " Beauty School "! It was perfect for me! I was newly married, 19 and the year was 1980. 

My eye for "updos"; bridal and prom hairstyles....eventually saw me on stage performing hairstyles on live models, published in numerous hair and bridal magazines and the author of two industry books. I never let me "grades" define me!

Alongside my beauty career and raising my girls with my wonderful husband, I always found time to create! Today, I split my energies between my studio work and being a social media influencer. I enjoy going LIVE to my facebook group of over 20k stylists from around the world! As an educator and clairty coach I love to inspire others! 

Creativity is an obsession, a passion and legacy!

Some of the things I have enjoyed are: 

  • House flipping and interior design
  • Foraging in nature for my art projects
  • Upcycling, wood burning, and faux finishing
  • Floral arraigning, jewelry and headpiece making
  • Turning old books into wall art or fun christmas ornaments
  • Goodwill hunting and salvation army trips are my idea of fun

I know you will find a wonderful item for yourself or to give as gifts! 

Please visit me and my studio located in the 1930's Grange Hall in the historic district of Chaplin, CT!

I hope to meet you very soon! 

Artist Statement:
Why upcycled smalls?

Repurposing "smalls", (an interior design term for items that are not furniture) is my passion as I reimagine items into something new and fun! Let's keep things out of the landfill! A chair back can become a jewelry holder! Old housing materials can become an art piece! An old sewing cabinet lives on as a drinks bar!

Be it an old trunk turned into a makeup station or a suitcase cat bed, I know you will find something fun at my studio for your gallery walls and home. I have pricing for every budget and a gift for every taste!

For my intuitive style of abstract painting I rely on my gut, as well as my color theory training from my cosmetology career. Gorgeous textures, color layering and maybe a little glitter.....makes its way into my abstract art ;)

It is my hope that some old wood, abandoned canvases, thrifted pieces and yard sale 'smalls" will find a new home in yours or make that perfect gift for someone special in your life!

Thanks for being curious about my work and I hope to meet you soon!
Be sure to watch my video below! Gretchen Maurer

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