Aline Hoffman

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 27, 28, 29 & Dec. 5, 6

Due to the increase of Covid-19 cases, and the expected worsening of the pandemic during the winter, my studio will only be "open" via Zoom or FaceTime, or other platforms if you are familiar with them.

Call or text 860-916-4232 to arrange a virtual tour and/or curbside pickup.

For purchases visit:

Hoffman, originally from Manhattan, has lived in Coventry since 1981. She's a versatile artist, exploring a variety of media during her life-long career as an artist.


Artist Statement:
My work is, and always has been, inspired by nature. I love the challenge of creating creatures of fur, feathers, or fins, exploring ways to bring life to each through the art of pyrography. I begin with the eyes to capture the essence/soul of the animal - an approach that comes from my Chinese brush training. Once I am satisfied with the eyes, I will work on the rest of the piece, burning lightly, and then reworking adding depth and contrast with appropriate pens until I am satisfied.

My process involves the ‘magic’ of lines which, for me, define shapes and details that construct the three-dimensionality that is a defining characteristic of my artistry.

I begin with an idea, sometimes inspired by the wood itself. Generally, I do not pre-sketch on the wood - preferring to begin each piece with pyrographic pens, though I do create a basic plan when I am cutting shapes with my scroll-saw.

From pen & ink to pyrography with a variety of media in between; a natural leap. Pyrography is a visceral experience: I love the natural colors of burned wood, feeling no need to add color.

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