Jennifer Hopkins

Artists Open Studio Dates:

November 29, 30, December 1 & December 7, 8
Artist will be demonstrating

Jennifer is a Lampwork Glass Blower, Painter and Artist, and Custom Framer.

She uses a torch and long rods of glass to create glass beads, and then jewelry and other gifts from them.

She is a painter who loves to paint unique views of items and creatures in nature, and whatever else inspires her.

She creates unique boxes with handmade paper, to create peices of functional art. many sizes colors and styles. Great for giving.

Artist Statement:
I will be demonstrating how I make beads and pendants out of glass using a process called Lampwork Glassblowing. The process is a branch of glassblowing where I use a torch rather than a furnace to create glass art in my studio. I use various tools, including glass 'frit' or crushed glass color blends, rods of various colors and many tools made of brass, graphite, or steel to aid me in my creations.

My paintings are inspired by nature.

I make elegant lighter than air boxes using hand made paper, and re-purposed materials from my custom frame shop to create stunning and creative boxes in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Each in individual, and have unique touches. Some with surprising and interesting designs inside that you would not expect! Others are whimsical and fun.

I also love re-purposed art, mobiles, and wind chimes!! You never know what you may find!

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