Trish Dehls

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Dec. 2, 3
Artist Statement:
Freshly graduated from music school in the early 80’s, looking to establish a vocal /piano career I took a job as lead solderer for Hart Stained Glass. I learned how to work efficiently and set up a production studio. While discovering that I didn’t love production work, I did fall in love with glass and metal. I have been learning from these materials in a wide variety of processes and techniques ever since. I create both decorative objects and contemporary art pieces. Wall art includes encaustic, oil and watercolors. Enameling and metal work requires patience, precision, and surrender on the part of the artist. Both glass and metal are, by nature, at times malleable and at times unyielding. The artist must continually recognize that the creation of a successful piece acknowledges and works with this dichotomy. Currently I create in my home studio in Woodstock CT and my shared Enamel studio “Fire and Light” in Worcester MA.

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