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November 29, 30, December 1 & December 7, 8
Artist will be demonstrating

Lance Arnold was born in 1943 and has always been an artist.

He was lucky enough to have had one of those quirky outstanding art teachers who predicted “You will be doing your fine art work all your life, no matter what else you might do.” She was right.

In college years, photography was his main side interest and it won several prizes including a Life MagazinePhoto Contest prize featuring a Life magazine photo in 1972.

Honored during his 39-year science teaching career, he continued to do photography and started to work with stained glass making circular panels and jewelry boxes. Gradually, the glass was combined with found objects to enhance the panels, and later, to also be used in table-top sculpture, wall sculpture, and free hanging sculpture.

Arnold spent decades doing art shows throughout New England, Pennsylvania and New York. The art was well received and won a variety of awards including a SoNo Arts Festival 1st prize for sculpture.

Acrylic paintings have recently been added to the range of art and all items are currently sold via craft stores and from Arnold's studio/gallery in Ashford, CT.

Artist Statement:
I am a flotsamist sculptor, a stained glass artist, and a painter. My varied palette consists of stained glass, found object material from the sea and forest, and paint. Making use of driftwood, animal bone, oxidized metal, dump debris, and sea and forest creatures, I create unique pieces that arrive as glass panels, table sculpture, and wall sculpture.

I assemble my work marrying an aesthetic sense for color and shape with a quiet respect for found objects and serendipity.

My process is one of collecting found objects, then scattering them on the floor of my studio, and then assembling them in a try-and-try-again arrangement until it seems right, ...until it is pleasing,...until it is done.

Recently, I have been encouraged to make fairy houses. Chunks of carved oak or cedar gain windows and doors and are then painted. Found objects such as shells, buttons, or pieces of fungus, (that we all know fairies like), are a final touch.

The natural world is rich in the beauty of the found object. It is the “seeing” of that beauty, and its potential, that finally results in my work.

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