Jeffrey Blazejovsky

Artists Open Studio Dates:

November 30, December 1 & December 7, 8

Jeff Blazejovsky was born and raised in Northeastern Ct.  Starting in childhood, he always had the natural ability to draw and paint. While growing up he loved to read and study the works of famous artists and illustrators such as Norman Rockwell, Tom Lovell, and Andrew Wyeth to name a few. Entering adulthood he began to develop his own artistic style. Now retired, he can pursue his passion and love of art full time as a second career. 

Jeff describes his style as realistic with the subject matter unlimited. Light, reflection, and a high level of detail are characteristics of his work. Jeff's medium of choice is watercolor, which he first started using in high school art classes. He also enjoys using graphite and colored pencil. While unlimited, his favorite subjects include antique and classic vehicles as well as portraits.

He has earned an Associate Degree in Fine Art from Manchester Community College. He is a member of the Manchester Art Association, The Tolland Art Association, The New Britain Museum of Art, and Arts Center East of Vernon, Ct. Each of these associations and venues have displayed his works. Awards include.

Academic Artists Association Graphic Arts Wholesale Frame Award 2017

Arts Center East. Peoples Choice Award 2017

Manchester Art Association 2nd place award, 2016, 2015, 2010

Manchester Art Association 1st place award, 2009

Artist Statement:
I work in the studio from my own photos. Before I begin a painting, I do numerous composition and value sketches to work out all the problems I might encounter during the painting process. Once I'm satisfied with the drawings, I start the painting. I begin with a fairly detailed drawing of the subject matter, and then start to add light washes of color until its built up to my satisfaction. During this process I'm making sure at all times my colors and values match my preliminary drawings and photo references. Once the painting is complete, I leave it on my drawing board for a few days to make sure everything looks correct. Most of the time I see things that need to be tweaked slightly, so I'll make minor adjustments and that usually does the trick.

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