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November 23, 24, 25 & December 1, 2
Open 10am - 5pm each day -

Artists Open Studio Dates

November 24, 25, 26 & December 2, 3

     Jaci Sinkewicz is a self-taught glass artist, and graphic design hobbyist. She has been Lampworking since she was about 14 years old, and continues to love every minute on the torch. Recently she has started to create unique vinyl decal art for a wide range of applications indoors and out. 

   Her jewelry always is a tribute to the glass itself. It showcases and highlights the natural beauty of what was created in the flame.  She creates small trinkets not limited to hand blown Lampwork Glass and jewelry, metal and leather. She also dabbles in mixed media art, abstract paintings and hipster chic accessories.

     Her passion for glass began when she was on vacation on a tiny island in the Caribbean called Saba. There was a Glass Blower there named Jobean Chambers who had a little shop, and a torch set up blowing glass beads from long rods of glass. She had an apprentice who made tiny glass flying pigs... She spent hours of days watching until one day Jobean asked her if she wanted to try her hand at it. She was instantly hooked, and had made 2 small blue beads.

    Years later she is still at it, creating whatever inspires her when the torch is lit. She draws inspiration from many places. Nature, fashion, unusual surroundings, and many times just listening to the glass, working with a molten flow of creativity. 

Always Lampwork Glass Blowing Demonstrations ALL-DAY-EVERY-DAY

A taste of what’s coming this year:

Custom Artistic Vinyl decal art. More than just stickers! Art for your car, windows, mailbox, and more

Entertaining Sets -Appetizer canapé knife and prong fork sets -new colors with a small cheese board for gift presentation. These can be custom ordered in any quantity and be available for pick up at the show as well. Call for information.

Wine stoppers -a showcase of artistic passsion! Perfect for wine, rum, whisky, or olive oil!

Pens & Stylus's - For writing notes and electronic devices with lampwprk glass beads. 

BEADS –for those of you who are just looking for beads I have them! And the great thing about creating new beads?? There are always more orphan beads made in the process! Orphans are always $1 each! Sets and focal beads available. Pandora styles, and Regaliz sized beads too!Even more 

Even more Interchangeable Glass Toppers -to pair with your existing base jewelry hardware (the base jewelry will also be available, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants.) There are endless possibilities for combining a new look!

Metal Washer Art -Hand stamped and painted metal washer available to pair with your glass toppers for a layered look, or great to wear on their own with a hand dyed silk ribbon.

ART –small paintings & mixed media art. Fun lighthearted art for all.

And as always....Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry!!!
Always a style for everyone. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, sets, custom work, organics, bright colors, elegant stylish, and fit for any outfit any setting jewelry you will want to wear and wear again.

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What is Glassblowing?

The art of Glassblowing has two major areas of study. Furnace work, and Lampwork. Lampwork is a form of Glassblowing done on a torch, usually melting down rods of glass into sculpture,  pendants & functional pieces with or without blowing air into the structure. It can also be wound onto a metal mandrel piece, hollow or solid to make beads, and other items. Furnace work is more commonly though of when speaking of glassblowing, and utilizes large metal pipes to pick up molton glass from a melting pot, and is worked into various forms with or without blowing air into the structure.