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November 30, December 1-2 & December 8, 9 - 10:00am - 5pm
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Artist Statement

I am relatively new to the quiet corner of Connecticut; having retired and living here only a few years. I am often at a loss for words for all of the beauty found here, in many unlikely places. I seek to find the splendors in this world, both large and small, trying to put them down on paper as a visual record.

My training is in photography, having majored in it in college. I have been taking photographs all of my adult life and have many albums, boxes and digital files to prove it. My training in photography helped me to focus in on light, form and composition. I especially enjoy the late afternoon light, it is a special time of day when even the mundane becomes dramatic.

Later in life I became enamored of pastels and the ability to create a scene very similar to a photograph, but not fettered solely by the composition in my viewfinder. With pastel I could now use the photograph as a starting point of reference. My works are a mix of reality and a desire to enhance the mood even further through the use of color, light and texture. I am always learning every day about this amazing medium called pastels. This is a love that will last as long as I am able!

Artists Open Studio Dates

November 23, 24, 25 & December 1 & 2

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