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November 29, 30 & December 1, 7 & 8 - 10:00am - 5pm
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Paul Ramsey

Paul Ramsey Photography

(860) 916-6474

4 S. Eagleville Rd
Mansfield/Storrs, CT 06268

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Artist Statement

I am an old-school photographer. I compose carefully in the camera and try not to waste shots as if I were still using Kodak film. I try to capture the visual image I have before me in the camera; I do not rely on Photoshop to bring it together afterward.

I am still amazed by the beauty that surrounds us. I have many times slammed on my brakes while driving, to stop and capture a stunning image. It will not last. The light and perspective will only last for a moment. It has been my good fortune to be there to capture it.

Artists Open Studio Dates

November 29, 30, December 1 & December 7, 8

Paul Ramsey is a life-long landscape and wildlife photographer. He took the first film production course at Wesleyan University, and went on to study photography and cinematography. His photos have appeared in galleries, exhibitions, newspapers and magazines. He has lived and shot photos on a small lake and wildlife refuge in Columbia for four decades.

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