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November 29, 30 & December 1, 7 & 8 - 10:00am - 5pm
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Artist Statement

Over a decade ago, I fell in love with Crocs, you remember, those oh so comfortable sandals that everyone was wearing. Well, I wore them all summer long and couldn’t get enough. However, we live in CT, where summer is too short, and winter comes too quick. When it became too cold to wear them comfortably barefooted, I looked for socks to wear with them.

While visiting a yarn shop in Newport, RI, I saw a hand knit pair of socks on display and thought “Hmm, that would work, Maybe I could do that?” I bought a standard base pattern that day and began my journey. As the years go by, my style evolves, and the patterns will change, but my love for hand knit socks will always remain.

These socks not only make you feel warm and cozy they are made to be shown off. Wear your Crocs and Socks, I do!! **or any other type of sandal, boot or clog that pleases you.

In 2016, a friend bought a pair of fingerless gloves in the store. However, she didn’t love the feel of them, too scratchy. Knowing and loving the feel of my socks, she made a request to commission a pair of gloves from me. I figured I would try it, two years later, my gloves are just as highly requested as my socks.

Artists Open Studio Dates

December 1, 2

Artist will be demonstrating

Gidman Creations is a mother-daughter duo that loves to create and inspire others. Creating pieces for others to enjoy is what drives the creative spirit of this team. Producing four main products, Gidman Creations, has something for everyone. 

The handmade knit socks and fingerless gloves are made with love by Grandma. Made with all-natural fibers, including; wool, cotton, and bamboo, all socks and gloves are machine wash and dry. 

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