Catherine Smith

44 Chaplin Street P. O. Box 303
Chaplin, CT 06235

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 27, 28, 29 & Dec. 5, 6


After many years of working in the field of Education and retiring from the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education in 2008, Catherine Whall Smith re-entered the world of quilts, and realized how much she enjoyed the tactile sensations of needle, thread, and fabric. She resumed her passion for all things fiber. The color, tactile sensation and the endless possibilities of design elements became her day to day work.
Using fabric, pattern, and color, and a limited variety of shapes to guide her, the quilt starts to take form. A dominant feature is the simple line and her interest in how it separates visual space. This recurring subject invites her to explore the spaces created where line meets line or lines overlap lines.


Artist Statement:
Patterns, colors, and emerging lines are the themes of my quilts. I call myself a “quilter” because the quilting is the ultimate goal in my work. I want to experience the tactile sensation of the hand stitching. My hands work to create the subtle landscape of shapes and shadows that will emerge across the quilt’s surface.
My favorite way to define a shape is with a simple line. This line enables me to explore the spaces created where line meets line or lines overlap lines. I strive to challenge the viewer’s eye with the pairing of shapes and lines that create motion and juxtapositions that result in vibrant quilts. These lines are the voice in my quilts.

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