Kris Wisnewski

Kris Wisnewski is primarily a self-taught fiber artist.  From the moment she fashioned a crocheted bag as a child to her first pair of hand-knit socks years later, she has been captivated by the feel and malleability of fiber.  "Preserving the Art of the Traditional Craft in Contemporary Ways" is her motto.  That's why you'll find her products taking key motifs from historical garments and methods while creating something new and unique (as well as useful) in the process.

In addition to hand-knitting fiber products which she sells at shows and on her website, Kris is a designer on Ravelry, a prominent online platform for designers of patterns for hand-knitting.  Her most recent design, her "Ester" shawl (see photo to left), was recognized and featured by The Green Mountain Spinnery Company of Putney, Vermont (whose yarn was used in the shawl) in their Instagram story.

An English major and former ESL teacher, she probably should have gone to art school but didn't.  Still, she learned her craft by doing, managing all aspects of her creative business as a whole, and can give any aspiring entrepreneur perspective on how to create their own craft business.

In the future, Kris is looking forward to expanding her abilities with fiber to add more sculptural pieces to her repertoire.  For now, you can find her working on colorful and textural hand-knit products for the home and wardrobe while experimenting with the upcycling of unwanted remnant yarns, plastic, and vintage and found items for reuse.

* Masks required for Open Studio


Artist Statement:
I am a Connecticut-based fiber artist and hand knitting pattern designer. My inspirations come from many places: from nature's palette of shifting shapes, textures, colors and seasons, to elements both traditional and modern, rustic and refined, architectural and freeform - sometimes sculptural and whimsical; from random scenes and time periods that evoke a certain mood, even from the yarn itself - and of course from necessity - sometimes I just need a good pair of warm socks!

Whatever I do, I try to marry the motifs of traditional garments with that of smaller accessories that can be used in a more contemporary way and that uniquely complement a wardrobe or home.

My designs are 100% hand-designed and handcrafted and made right here in the U.S.A. With the exception of up-cycled materials, I only use the finest fibers in my work; my favorites are merino wool, alpaca, and mohair but I also occasionally use cashmere, silk, and precious metals. I also like working in organic elements, vintage buttons, baubles, and beads as well as salvaged and repurposed items which lend what I like to call and "earthy elegance" to the fiber and help to create a truly original piece.

And, I like using yarns from local farms and developing countries which helps to support their traditional craft processes and economies. By purchasing my products and patterns, you'll support them too!

I hope you enjoy the designs!

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