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November 30, December 1-2 & December 8, 9 - 10:00am - 5pm
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Nora Gibbs

Lakeside Quilts

(860) 974-2524

59 Crooked Trail
Woodstock, CT 06281

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Quilting provides tactile and visual pleasure on so many levels and each of these levels provides an opportunity to break the rules and be creative. All of my quilts are made from quilt shop quality 100% cotton fabric, and they are all pieced on my home machine. The beginning of a quilt is both slow and spontaneous. An idea will simmer until a piece of fabric comes along that triggers a flood of plans and possibilities. The ideas can come from the contrast of snow on a tree branch or the color of a child's eyes.
I've been quilting since I realized that quilts don't have zippers or hems, but do have endless possibilities for color and shape. I have given away and donated hundreds of quilts over the years and in 2017 began selling my quilts for the first time. Six years ago I started Pomfret's In Stitches, "a small group of friendly quilters in Connecticut's Quiet Corner,' Bringing women together to teach the art and craft of quilting has long been a dream of mine.

Artists Open Studio Dates

November 24 & 25, December 1 & 2

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Nora has been quilting for more than 30 years and has quilts in use or on display all over the world, including Japan, Brazil and Sweden.  While pursuing several careers, Nora quilted in her spare time.  After an encounter with a drunk driver, Nora retired from a nursing career and set about improving her skills and teaching the craft she loves.  Pomfret's In Stitches is a small group of friendly quilters which came into being after teaching quilting through Eastconn and meeting local women interested in the creativity of quilting.  This dedicated group, under Nora's direction, has learned to quilt and provided Quilts of Valor to local veterans and Comfort for Kids pillows to homeless shelters and children in crisis in our Quiet Corner.  

Every quilt has a story, whether it's the quilter's thoughts that are stitched into it, or the story of the fortunate owner who dreams under it or plays on top of it.  


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