Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 30, Dec. 1 & Dec. 7, 8

The Looking Glass Shoppe is dedicated to hand crafting custom furniture using beautifully figured hardwoods and painstaking attention to detail.  As a one person shop, Tim develops designs with a client and builds the entire piece from start to finish ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. 

A growing portion of his business is furniture restoration/conservation, which Tim has done for over twenty years.  More people are finding this to be a valuable service to preserve their family history.   Much of his enjoyment comes from repairing an item that may be only 30 years old all the way to an item from the 17th century, then returning it to the family for them to treasure for years to come or pass it on to the next generation.

In addition to the woodworking tools and services available, Tim has a good selection of metalworking equipment as well.  He has been involved with metalworking since the 70's and uses these skills to fabricate shop equipment and unique hardware for custom furniture.  There are also times when he uses metal in the repair of "impossible antique furniture breaks" returning badly broken furniture to service while keeping the reversibility of the repair in mind.

Artist Statement:
From a very young age working with my hands to build something from my imagination has given me great pleasure and purpose. Most people are a bit surprised to find out I despised High School woodshop (too structured). I needed to do my own thing and the metal shop teacher afforded me that.

Using different materials can take a design from ordinary and catapult it to extraordinary. You'll see an example of my work that uses a combination of vintage enameled cast iron, heavy Honduran Mahogany, stainless steel and silver leaf. Another design may incorporate Halophane glass, crazy figured maple and antique re-purposed Brazilian rosewood. Bronze is another element that I like to use structurally for its bold look and contrast with the wood.

Most of my new work is commission so I don't have a showroom. However, I have a few of my own pieces in the shop for folks to see. There are also samples of great figured local hardwoods, leather, metals, glass ready to be thoughtfully handcrafted into another one of a kind design.

Lastly, when someone brings a treasured family heirloom for repair, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing we've preserved some of their family history for another generation.

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