As a youngster, I was always surrounded by women making something with their hands.  I started to search for my creative self and dabbled in quilting, photography, silversmithing, lapidary, enameling, knitting, and many other creative outlets.  Jewelry making felt like the best fit for me.  I could spend hours at my little craft table, just creating the time away.  

Fast forward to 2003, I started my business which I named Quilibet.  Quilibet is Latin for "whatever or whomever you want it to be".  Fast forward again to 2021 and I have a new studio space in my home, retired from my job and creating (and enjoying it more) every day.  I am excited to take more classes, learn new things (and relearn some old), and start using all of the equipment I have been collecting over the years.  

The future is always unpredictable.  So, for now, I will continue to do this thing that  I love and hope that I can continue to be innovative for a long, long time.   




Artist Statement:
I use artisan-made components from all over the world in my designs. Many times I will collaborate with an artist to create things that I want for my design. Included in my work is hand-made glass beads, enamel, polymer clay, ceramic, sterling, pearls, semi-precious stones, and other found components. I often start with my focal piece and find other artisan-made components to compliment it. Quite often I will make a bead soup (filling a small bowl with stones, silver, pearls, crystals, etc.) I add to this mixture until I like what I see. Then I go forward with my design. I do like to create things that are not symmetrical but feel balanced. I love color and texture. One of the biggest benefits of working with other artists is the friendships that are formed. I also believe that supporting other artists is a very good thing.

Now retired, I have the time to relearn things I knew long ago. I have purchased a kiln and begun taking some refresher courses. I have collected so many wonderful pieces over the years. I can't wait to use them all!

I do many craft shows in New England and my work can be found in some wonderful shops in Connecticut. Check out my website to see where you can find me.

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