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Nov. 24, 25, 26 & Dec. 2, 3
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Daniela de Sousa is a visual artist and educator. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts with concentration in Sculpture from ECSU and a master’s degree in Art Education from the University of Florida. Daniela’s teaching experience began when she was a teenager, teaching guitar and music appreciation. She became a certified art teacher in 2013 and dedicated a number of years working as a k-12 art teacher in the public school system and as an art instructor at a private Montessori school. Daniela currently works as an adjunct Instructor in the Sculpture Department at ECSU. She is also responsible for developing and implementing a variety of programs and projects related to Spiral Arts Studio mission, to provide arts education and studio space to a diverse demographic. 

Artist Statement:
In my work I strive to capture the complexities of natural interactions and its vulnerabilities as it goes through transformational processes such as extreme heat and reactant combinations. Conversely, I also explore the universal experiences that shape human perceptions of beauty and modes of existence. Conditions in which we find ourselves, privately or collectively, such as love, loss, geo-socio-economic-political circumstances....parenting teenagers....all in which transform the perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. In my process, I look for the balance between freedom and control, space and form, light and obscurity, opposed concepts that, once achieved, allows me to rediscover a sense of dignity and reverence for life.

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