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Nov. 29, 30, Dec. 1 & Dec. 7, 8
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Suzy Staubach has been potting for over four decades. Her first studio was the Stone House Pottery in Bolton where she began experimenting with high-fired slip glazes and single firing. There, she built a catenary arch kiln of recycled hard bricks.

In the mid-eighties, she moved to Ashford and continued potting in her new studio, Willow Tree Pottery. In the first years, she fired with a cross-draft kiln that she built. Currently, she fires in a sprung arch, down draft kiln, making pottery for the table and kitchen.

Over the years she has participated in many shows. Her work is currently available at the Hen's Nest in Washington Depot.

Staubach is also the author of several books on pottery including Clay: The History and Evolution of Humankind's Rleationship with Earth's Most Primal Element and Guy Wolff: Master Potter in the Garden both published by the Univeristy Press of New England. Her new book, A Garden Miscellany was published by Timber Press on Oct. 9, 2019.

Artist Statement:
I make primarily functional pots, throwing them on a kick wheel that I have come to feel is an intrinsic extension of my body. I mix feldspars and clays and oxides to make earthy glazes, which I pour onto the pots before they are completely dry. Once the pots are bone dry and there are enough of them to fill the kiln, I fire them for 28 to 32 hours in a downdraft gas kiln that lives in a metal shed outside my studio.

Pots made by potters throughout history have inspired me, especially the sturdy crocks, jugs, platters and bowls of the country potters in England, Ireland and early America. I also take inspiration from ancient Korean wares. I am more interested in form and function than decoration. I love kitchens and dinner tables, and so am particularly drawn to make pots for preparing, storing and serving food.

With my interest in history, I enjoy reading and writing about pottery as much as I love having my hands in mud. In addition to the books Clay: The History and Evolution of Humankind's Relationship with Earth's Most Primal Element and Guy Wolff: Master Potter in the Garden, I have contributed to Studio Potter and Ceramics Monthly and write the blog, BiblioPotter.

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