Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 28, 29 & Dec. 5, 6
Artist will be demonstrating

I will not be open for sales this season.  See you next year!

Artist Statement:
My earliest memories as a child are always of being in nature and creating things with my hands. Drawing and painting were my first loves but as I grew older there was a hesitancy inside me when faced with a blank piece of paper or a canvas. With clay – the connection was always automatic.

I have been making and selling pottery since 1995 and I find that there is an intimacy to pottery, a circle that is completed when what my hands craft find purpose in the hands of another. Each piece I make marks a moment in time, the results of which depend on centering both myself, as well as the clay.

When my hands are connected to that spinning ball and I’m in the moment – time stands still. It’s a wonderful journey that will always have me pulling out more from somewhere inside. It’s a searching for some nameless pot yet to be born. It is a humble material that becomes so much more.

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