Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 24, 25, 26 & Dec. 2, 3

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Group Show: Mansfield: Flying Dragon Farm Studio
Show Information: Nov. 29, 30, Dec.1 & Dec. 7, 8
533 Chaffeeville Rd
Storrs, CT,
Artist Statement:
I have always loved to draw. As a kid I was the one asked to draw by the other kids. Draw a horse , a dog or one of them, they would ask. It was fun. Still is. Since those long ago days I've attended University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts, worked as a nurse for eighteen years, raised 5 kids of my own and art has been a part of that time.

The art in the big red barn includes watercolors, oils and encaustics and I make mixed media collage, wall murals, ceramics, floor cloths and fairy houses and flower boxes constructed from recycled bee boxes. I collect bits from the natural world, shells, stones, moss and lichens, twisted wood and maybe a discarded bird nest from last year's brood which may appear in a painting or fairy house. My work has been exhibited in various juried shows in the Northeast and hangs in private collections.

I live in one of the most beautiful places . Lucky me! there is always something to inspire. The interconnection of the world of Nature and the manufactured world always has something to say to us and I'm listening learning something new all the time. Making art is a way to communicate my experiences of the world with others. Sometimes art is an experiment, an adventure. It can be surprising where you end up. I'll show you what I've done and want to hear what you think and feel when you see it.

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