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November 24, 25, 26 & December 2, 3

Leanne calls her offerings "Nature Art" because along with the obvious, she is thinking about the nature of beings as she works -- what makes them tick, and what makes them THRIVE.
This meditative and soulful art is created to slow down time a little in order to calm, energize, and balance the spirit.
She likes to take time to slow down and focus on thoughts that relax and heal.

Leanne enjoyed drawing as a young child and was encouraged to expand her artwork. She attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a BA with honors along with the Class Portfolio Award in Medical Illustration.

Leanne’s artwork is a combination of graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, digital, and now oil. Currently she is working in oil and enjoys learning something new every time she paints. Her aim is to inspire the viewer to shift or maintain thought patterns that support healing, balance, and emotional/spiritual growth. She translated learning to paint a classic landscape into painting a dreamscape.

Leanne uses an intuitive and holistic approach – searching for grace and hope even in situations where emotions are at their darkest. Thoughts, dreams and feelings are very powerful in our overall chemistry and a healthy approach to them is just as important as routine clinical physical maintenance.

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