Xiaohong Song

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 24, 25, 26 & Dec. 2, 3
Artist will be demonstrating

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Group Show: Columbia: Beckish Senior Center
Show Information: Nov. 24, 25, 26 & Dec. 2, 3
188 Route 66
Columbia, CT, 06237
Artist Statement:
Hello everyone!
I am an art lover, I like many art forms, painting, crafting, and writing.
I like painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, crayon painting, I like them all, I have been trying, although my paintings are still very immature, but I have been striving to pursue them, hoping to work on the idea and details, striving to achieve perfection, I hope in the near future, I can have more paintings to present to you!
Besides painting, I also like to make all kinds of handicrafts. I have made a lot of very beautiful artworks with some cardboard boxes or empty bottles, which are very ornamental. Whenever I look at the handicrafts I make, I feel as if I have given them life, I feel very happy, and whenever I give my works to people who like them, I also feel very gratified, I think this is the gift of art to people!
Meanwhile, I also like to write, I like to write novels, essays and poems, I have a lot of ideas, I'm just not ready yet, I think I will definitely turn all my ideas into words and publications in the future, and I'm looking forward to that day!
That's my short introduction, I hope you like me and support me, thank you very much! Thanks!

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