Jeanne Purcell

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 24, 25, 26 & Dec. 2, 3
Artist Statement:
Jeanne Purcell Vautour is painter who lives in Brooklyn Connecticut, as well as in Steuben Maine. Her inspiration for paintings come from the deeply resonating bucolic scenes in the Quiet Corner: verdant hills, sunlight, rustling fall foliage, Nor-easters, orchards, and century old, pastoral farmland with earthy aromas. Her inspiration from Steuben Maine emerges from amazing sunrises, sunsets, rock outcroppings, the smell of balsam, and panoramic ocean views, all that overpower the senses. Like the Quiet Corner, Steuben’s light is magical across every season and the sounds echo forever in one’s ears. The overpowering sensory experiences in each place transport us, inspire us, and lift our spirits.

I prefer to work on Aches 300 paper because it is well-behaved; it does not buckle; While I prefer the rough-textured cold press paper, nothing is more satisfying that a great watercolor on smooth paper. Occasionally, I use Crescent Watercolor Board.

I will never “arrive” as a watercolorist. And that is one of the hallmarks of this Master medium. It is, indeed, the master; I will always be its student. Only after many years painting with it can one begin to unleash the poetic, bold and joyous immediacy of water, pigment, emotion, and brushstrokes as they interact on the paper.

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