Jean Arcand

Artists Open Studio Dates:

November 26, 27, 28 & December 4, 5

Jean Arcand was born in Pascoag, R.I.  She presently lives in Killingly, CT. You can see the influence of these blue-collar towns in her paintings.

Artist Statement:
Art is part of our soul. Beauty can be found in everything from old trucks to blooming flowers. I find many exciting subjects from my own backyard. I find many exciting subjects to paint when my husband and I travel to antique car shows.
I paint Plein air, take photos and bring the references back to my studio. I start with a strong underpainting of dark earth tones. Doing this first helps me find a rhythm that moves you through the painting. Many times some underpainting will show through. My tools are good brushes, a smooth linen surface, and a limited pallet of buttery paint.
I didn’t have formal training. I have taken workshops with great artists like David and Pam Lussier, Tim Horn, and Todd Bonita. My goals are a one-man show and to be accepted in more galleries.

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