Bonnie T. Massey

Art has always been a part of Bonnie's life. As a child her dad was a big influence for her. In high school she was art editor for her class yearbook and was also awarded a year scholarship to the Hartford Art School to attend Saturday painting classes during her senior year.

As life went on she’d help her two boys with school projects, do posters, paintings for family and friends, town report covers, and decorate her home with murals, stencils and pictures. After retiring from thirty years working in the medical field she promised herself she would spend more time with her art starting with decorative painting. But watercolor was always her first love, appreciating the spontaneity and luminosity of the medium. In recent years she has also come to love the immediacy and blending ability of pastels and the forgiveness and luminescence of oils.

She has taken classes and workshops with many local and well known artists. She is a member of The Academic Artist’s Assoc., the Tolland County Artist’s Assoc. and the North East Ct. Artist Guild. She also organizes an annual art show in Bolton.  Most of her inspiration comes from the beautiful, changing New England landscape. 

Artist Statement:
After retiring from the medical field I promised myself to devote more of my time to my art. Mostly self taught I derive my inspiration from our beautiful, ever changing New England landscapes. From snow in winter, the varied greens of early spring, the lushness of summer, and the explosion of colors in fall there is never a time for the artist to rest in the northeast. I enjoy each season by creating in oil, watercolor and pastels, either in plein air or inside my backyard studio, the essence and unique light that each season brings. What a joy it is to live in this special part of the world!

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