Denise Snow

31 Latham Rd.
Willington, CT 06279
Artist Statement:
There are moments were a particular experience changes your path in ways you never thought truly imaginable, 20 years ago, a ceramic sculpture touched my soul so deeply that it awakened the need to grow and mature into the same type of sculptor that had such a profound effect on me.
The unearthing of that passion paved the way for me to create pottery, be it functional or sculptural, that delightfully allows me to connect, and wonder, about the person the finished piece will attract; what is their story; how will my pottery be embraced into their life? I now share my soul, within those moments when I am one with my craft, using stoneware clay, as I hand build, and use a potters’ wheel to create my wares, opening yet another door of possibilities and hopeful to create something that will speak to your emotion.
I suppose one can say that I work from the inside out.

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