Dana Filibert

46 Herrick Rd
Brooklyn, CT 06234

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 26, 27 & Dec. 3, 4
Artist Statement:
My sculptures are composed of animal forms and decorative art elements contained in stylized cloud formations. Each piece is unique, constructed by welding, carving and utilizing decorative objects to create sculptures which I coat with multiple layers of paint to create a seamless appearance.

I earned a BFA in metalsmithing at MassArt, primarily casting and forming vessels out of sheets of metal.

I went to graduate school outside Detroit, the ‘Motor City’. People in the Detroit area are serious about their cars. At the time, I had a small pickup truck with a dent in the back and it stuck out like a sore thumb among all the pristine automobiles on the road. While I was there, I visited the Detroit Auto Show, which was an awesome spectacle of shiny, flashy vehicles propped up on elaborate displays. I loved the bold colors and high gloss finish along with the curves of the automobiles. This is when I started creating sculptures by welding steel and painting the forms with auto and graffiti paint.

After moving back to the East coast, I was invited to create an installation at the Albany International Airport. My inspiration came from early childhood memories, looking up at the sky searching for clouds that looked like different animals. The installation became a cloud formation with discarded objects embedded to relay that feeling of discovery. After this installation, I began combining the auto influence with cloud formations and decorative art elements inspired by my early work in metalsmithing.

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