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Maple Brook Forge

Coventry, CT 06238

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NOTE: We are saddened to announce that Bill passed away in August.      

Bill Hoffman made his first knife at the age of twelve, however, instead of pursuing bladesmithing, Hoffman was to follow his passion for being a problem solver by becoming a Science teacher.  Bill honored his "inner twelve-year-old," teaching 7th graders for thirty-four years.

Hoffman returned to knife-making after he retired from teaching in 2005. He sold a motorcycle to pay for his forging tools. Hoffman continued to access his problem-solving skills as a bladesmith, learning grinding techniques, how to heat treat steel, working with high tech adhesives, and selecting appropriate wood for handles. He forged the blades, made the bolsters or guards and the handles for each knife.

Commissioned pieces were made to fit the customer's hand and proposed use.

Along with his bladesmithing, Hoffman had a professional sharpening business, which he and his wife called Never a Dull Moment.   

He is missed by many.

Artist Statement:
I made my first knife when I was twelve and I've been hooked ever since. The joke in the knifemakers world is "you've started down a path that has no way out. You're doomed". There's something about one of mankinds oldest tools which touches a core value. It's a link to our ancestors and what they needed to survive and prosper.

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