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Lorraine DuBois

Reflection of God's Love by Lorraine

132 Chaplin Street
Chaplin, CT 06235

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Artist Statement

I think of my photographs as a Ministry, because I try to help Non-Profit organizations raise money by allowing them to purchase my photo cards at cost so they can keep the profit. My photography is also something that helps people reflect on God’s love all around us through His creations.

The majority of my photos consist of pure nature and many of them show close detail; however, there are a few unusual artistic photos that I have printed for fun, and they are included my award winning photos. I cannot claim to be a professional photographer, although many people believe that I am. There are a number of photos that other people and fellow photographers have asked me: “How did you do that?” And I tell them: “God did the work, all I did was push a button.” They also ask, “What kind of camera do you have?” Many people think I have an expensive camera that has all kinds of filters, settings, and can do a wide variety things, but that isn’t true. My cameras were inexpensive, and none of my photos are enhanced—they are either in their true color, or I change them to black and white. I can’t explain why some photos look the way they do, or how I got a sun burst without knowing what a sunburst was. I truly feel that everything I have is a gift from God.

Artists Open Studio Dates

November 23, 24, 25 & December 1 & 2

Reflection of God’s Love

Lorraine has over 500 photos included in her inventory.  Most of her photos consist of nature in the local area, although she has a number of nature photos from trips to Europe, Block Island, Cape Cod, and Newport RI.  Her inventory also includes photographs from the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Religious works of Art when she visited Convents and Monasteries.  In the world where enhancement seems to be growing into the “norm”, Lorraine has avoided enhancing her photographs.  Many people believe some of her photographs are miracle shots. Her most popular miracles are photos of real Miracles of the Sun that were moving in the sky—many different people see different movement within or around the sun in these photographs.  Another miracle is a photo of a Sea Anemone which she took at Mystic Aquarium – it was in a low tank that had hundreds of kid’s finger prints on it, yet there isn’t one fingerprint on the photo no matter how much it is enlarged.

Many people would agree that God has touched their hearts through her photographs.  Perhaps you should see her photos for yourself, and maybe you will agree God touched your heart too!

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