Gerard Ferrari

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Dec. 3, 4
Artist Statement:
My family and I live in an old farmhouse in Eastern Connecticut. In addition to making artwork, I am a stay-at-home parent, micro-homesteader, and I provide individualized ceramic art lessons.

I earned an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BA from Berea College. With the help of my professors, artist friends, and personal creative endeavors, I use and reinterpret standard clay forming techniques to create complex artworks. I do this by employing two and three dimensional visual information/influences and by assembling multiple parts and pieces into a cohesive whole.

My art practice tends toward serials: To date, I have created five different sculptural groups that can be viewed at I am currently experimenting and developing a new sculptural series as well as making a variety functional pottery forms.

I view my sculptures and pottery, as highly crafted, complex three-dimensional clay collages that embody disparate influences, forms, and conceptual ideas. I playfully construct my sculptures and painstakingly develop their surfaces over several firings, which results in personified individual sculptures with unique identities.

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