Nancy Olivia Hoffmann

    When I majored in Interior Design at the University of Georgia, the design courses were drawing classes. Obviously I had not found my niche because I did not like drawing. Continuing my education in interior design in Boston, I discovered mechanical drawing, rendering and weaving. I was in heaven. Weaving became my passion! Color and texture my paint brushes.
    With my children grown and retirement here, I could indulge my urge to create - from jewelry to polymer clay beads and sculptures, mixed media and fiber sculpture. I love it all. Art makes me happy. The definition of art has expanded to include all the things I like to do. Thanks to the gift of a good digital camera from my children, the world of photography was suddenly affordable for taking pictures of everything.
    From taking nature shots, I moved on to manipulating photos to achieve the look of a painting. When that did not satisfy me, I started digitally painting over my photos. Soon I was extracting images and putting them on a background I had created. There were no limits! Often I create by using digital brushes on a blank screen. Color has always spoken to me and I like to  use intense color. When I look at my digital paintings, I want to just dive into the color! My hope is that people will find my color-filled art uplifting.

Artist Statement:
The culmination of my art is an eclectic documentation of the wonder that surrounds us, using nature photography, digital art, and mixed media. My job as an artist is to assist the viewer in appreciating what’s right before our eyes whether it be as dramatic as a glorious sunset, or as quiet as a tiny flower.
A veteran of numerous exhibitions of photography, I use art as a vehicle to make the beautiful in everyday life apparent to all. Ultimately, I hope that my art will help others appreciate the beauty I see and which I translate with my vision.

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