Artists Open Studio Dates:

November 26, 27, 28 & December 4, 5

As a student of nature creating beauty always came easily to her,  An eclectic artist working in many modalities over the span of her lifetime Pam's talents range from years of hairdressing, jewelry making, quilt design, garden design, Zentangle, and now most excitingly drawing and painting.  

About a decade ago Pam found Zentangle and fell in love.  In 2017 she became certified to teach Zentangle.  It was learning the practice of Zentangle that unlocked her lifelong desire to draw and paint. The ability to create beautiful art by using one stroke at a time is so genius. Pam says: "It's not just reproducing patterns it's about learning composition and shading.  Once the foundation is laid that anyone can learn then the sky is the limit."  Pam teaches in person or on Zoom at her studio or on location.  

Her Certified Monarch Waystation farm gives her lots of inspiration.  Butterflies, Birds, Pets, and People are the heart and soul of her work today.  She loves the freedom of watercolors mixed with the realism of butterflies and baby animals.  

In 2018 Pam wrote and illustrated her book "The Lonely Lonely Butterfly"  This book chronicles the life and trials of one Eastern Black Butterfly.  Written as a family guide to butterfly habitat it's written as a child's story with family projects.  Pam hopes that it will be a lifelong guide for her readers to enjoy.  Mostly she hopes that it will teach empathy for our pollinators and that people will change a few landscaping habits to help them.   

It was during the Illustration of this book Pam struggled and learned to get her portraits done.  Through the struggle, she fell in love with portraiture.   Working from a photo she can now capture her subjects precisely.  

Her body of work now ranges from strong charcoal animal portraits to light and airy watercolor abstract florals.  It's not possible to put Pam in a box because she will turn the box into a work of art.  


Artist Statement:

I've always been creative but I was frustrated by my lack of ability to draw until I discovered a system that taught me to draw using one line at a time. About a decade ago I discovered Zentangle and day after day one tile at a time I was amazed at the beauty I could create. I credit Zentangle with opening up the floodgates for me and my new art career. It has given me the confidence to step out and learn portrait art using charcoal, watercolor, and colored pencils.

As much as I love Zentangle I really love realism. I love to create art from photos. It's so fun to take a picture and see it come to life on paper. I just love getting up close and personal with the eyes. Eyes just pull my heartstrings. I work from photos and pride myself on realistic art reproduction. My preference is charcoal but I also work in watercolor and colored pencil. You can use this link to interact with me.
I am taking commissions if you are interested I can be reached at 860-420-9678 please leave a message and the best time to return your call.

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