Artists Open Studio Dates:

Nov. 24, 25, 26 & Dec. 2, 3
Artist will be demonstrating

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Group Show: Pomfret Center: Fluttering Wings
Show Information: Nov. 24, 25, 26 & Dec. 2, 3
13 Old Rte 44
Pomfret Center, CT, 06259

Pam's lifelong desire to create art really took shape after she became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT 27 2017). Zentangle is a process of creating art using one stroke at a time. Zentangle can be done by anyone who can hold a pen. The step-by-step instructions guarantee success and confidence to all who give it a try. Prior to learning Zentangle Pam’s drawing skills were nil. Zentangle teaches form, composition, shading and so much more.

Post Zentangle Pam has gone on to study Charcoal and Watercolor with Kristy Partridge instructor. Watercolor with Maria Raczynska instructor and Louise De Masi instructor. All world-renowned artists with amazing teaching skills.

Pam wrote and illustrated her first book in 2018 based on her love of butterflies and nature in general. Her book The Lonely Lonely Butterfly, Ebony B Swallowtail can be found on Amazon. E B Swallowtail is a child’s story and a family butterfly guide all in one.

She gives Zentangle, Watercolor, and Sewing classes at her newly remodeled studio, and just loves to help people release their own inner artists.

Currently Vice President of Art Guild NE, Co-President of AOS CT, Superintendent Fine Arts at the Woodstock Fair and owner/operator of FlutteringWings Studio. She is active on many art committees and attends as many art shows as possible.

Fluttering Wings Studio is part of Pam's Butterfly Sanctuary.  For years she raised butterflies for Butterfly Pavilions and during that time she perfected a method of creating jewelry using the naturally deceased butterfly wings. 

She grew up with a sewing Mother who taught her the art of sewing with precision. She thanks her Mom for that as she sews up her art pieces. Fabric design is one of the new crafts in her arsenal of art skills.

Pam is always studying and learning new crafts. Keep checking in for the new latest and greatest. Nobody puts Pam in a corner.   



Artist Statement:
I hold a degree in self-made woman artist. My creative journey has been a long and winding road. As a child I was told I could not draw so I believed that but I had a burning desire to create. This led me to a successful career in hairdressing.
I thank my mother for her insistence on perfection though it's been a blessing and a curse. When I take up a new modality I seek perfection.
One day I decided to try Zentangle the art form that uses only one stroke at a time and guaranteed success to anyone who tries. Well not only did I have success with it I took the Teaching Class and became certified. Zentangle gave me the confidence to attempt to draw and paint as you will see in the attached images. I love creating. Right now I'm making jewelry and that satisfies my urge to solve puzzles. I'm making fabric art from hundreds of brand-new silk neckties. I make pocketbooks and more with them as well as wall art. This is fun for me. Watercolor and Charcoal still serve the purpose of exciting the artist in me. My farm located in Pomfret CT is a dedicated Butterfly Sanctuary so I never run out of inspiration.

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