Susan Bosworth

Artists Open Studio Dates:

November 30, December 1 & December 7, 8

Susan is an award winning pastel and watercolor artist who creates colorful yet sensitive scenes of landscapes, architecture, interiors and figures. Her style is impressionistic realism which allows her to express herself with a bold and intuitive approach. During the warmer months she paints en plein air and the rest of her year is spent in her studio in Bolton.  Susan is active in the Connecticut artist community and is a member of the Connecticut Pastel Society, Academic Artists, Glastonbury Arts and the Tolland County Art Association

Artist Statement:
It seems as though I am thinking about either finding a new subject or the current in-progress painting on my easel. I actually have a “potential paintings” file and I may not use one of the photos there until I have completely come to terms as to what I want to do with the subject matter. It could take years. Once I return to an idea, I may crop the scene or extend it. But first I do many sketches to define the composition and the values. In many cases, I do a complete small painting, decide if I want to proceed, and then paint a larger version. I’ve already worked out the kinks and familiarized myself with the subject matter. In the end, I may paint different versions of the same scene. I also paint plein air. My objective is to find a focal point and develop it into a full painting very quickly. I make note of the local color, the light and shadows, and specific details of the objects that I don’t want to forget. There is only a slight chance I will walk away with a finished painting. Mostly I take it home and do another painting of the scene later. So much of my painting depends on my mood. If I’m not in the mood, I stop painting and wait for a better day. There is always a better day.

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