Artists Open Studio Dates:

Dec. 7, 8
Artist will be demonstrating

Artists Open Studio Dates:

Group Show: Ashford: Old Warrenville Post Office
Show Information: Dec. 7 & 8
20 Pompey Hollow Rd.
Ashford, CT, 06278
Artist Statement:
Artist Statement- Debora Aldo
By using the tactile, reflective and pixilated surface of mosaics I strive to visually discuss the current state of our natural environment and how we can find hope and solutions. Our connection to the earth which provides food and shelter for billions of animals, including us humans is very important. Will the technology we develop help us to abate the damage we are doing to our land, air and water? Will it help us want to preserve our precious planet? Each one of us has to power to be creative and to shape our world.

My work is created as panels, sculptural objects and community murals. I use large chunks of colorful glass, minerals, pebbles and stone, all of which are set in a concrete adhesive. I focus on environmental issues such as social justice, species extinction, dissipating communities of indigenous people with traditions working in synch with the land. My work is created with traditional and up-cycled detritus and cast offs. The materials are used in a contemporary style that is of the modern world, while referencing ancient realms for guidance and inspiration. This art form is slow and painstaking: With each piece in conversation with all other pieces that come in contact with it, a community of connection. The result is an alchemy of shape that speaks of meaning. My hope is to sow the seed of preservation which heals the planet.
Studio visits my be scheduled by appointment- call or email me.

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