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November 23, 24, 25 & December 1, 2
Open 10am - 5pm each day -

Artist Statement

I saw my first Valentine in a museum in Cape Cod as a child and was always fascinated by them. In 2004, I decided to buy an old one. A collector of antiques I loved the history of the Valentine.

Sailors' Valentines were made between 1830 and 1890 by the native people of Barbados as a cottage industry, selling Valentines to the whaling ships. They are mosaic shell designs in an eight-sided box.

I went to an auction on the Cape where one sold for $21,000. I decided to make one for myself and I haven't stopped since. I have a whole house called the Shell Cottage, where I create and show my work. I make the Sailors' Valentines in the traditional way but create my own designs.

I love that Artist Open Studio, allows me to teach people about this craft.

Artists Open Studio Dates

November 23, 24, 25 & December 1 & 2

An award winning shell artist specializing in recreations of Sailors' Valentines. Featured in Country Living Magazine and numerous publications. Lynda teaches workshops in her studio as well.